CS requirement completion deadline: Friday of Week 9 by 11:59 PDT
For a detailed document of community service opportunities, click here.
If you have further questions, please reach out on GroupMe or email !
Writing Letters

Letters of Encouragement

Fully Virtual

Write a thorough letter to inpatients at St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital.

To get your credit, you must: 

  • Write your letter on this link: Letter to Children Patients 

  • Screenshot your letter before submitting it.

  • Email the screenshot to us with your name and UID.

1 credit

Limit 1 credit/quarter
Dental Checkup

Healing California


Healing California has a mobile dental van that does pop-ups all over CA. On 11/7, they will partner with the San Fernando Dental Society Foundation to provide the free, quality dental/vision services their clients so desperately need. You would serve as a general volunteer for the day. More information here!

Address: 9205 Alabama Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311


Register using this link: Healing CA

To receive credit, you must: 

  • Please send us a screenshot of your confirmation as soon as you register!

  • Email us your name, UID, and a picture of you at the mobile dental van for proof.

2 credits

Limit 2 credits/quarter
Female applicant in job interview

Club Tabling at UCLA Ackerman Blood & Platelet Center

10/4/2022 or 11/7/2022

You can volunteer a maximum of TWICE (for both table days)! Introduce our club, PDSOP, and answer FAQs in front of the UCLA Ackerman Blood & Platelet Center. Sign up for a time slot on the Google Form. *Limited spots available*


Sign up for a time slot: PDSOP Table

To receive credit, you must:

  • Email us your name, UID, and a picture of you at the table for proof.​

1 credit / day

Limit 2 credits/quarter
Food Donation

Project Ropa

Donate by 12/2

Project Ropa is a non-profit organization that provides hygiene products for individuals experiencing homelessness in the LA area. To participate, you would either ship or drop off donation items to Robyn by 12/2 (end of week 10) so that she can ship everyone’s donations in one go. More information here!


You can donate a maximum of 2 items and receive a maximum of 2 points.

To receive credit, you must:

  • Simply contact Robyn Park through GroupMe to get the shipping address OR coordinate a drop-off time/day. She will take care of the donations from there!

2 credit

Limit 2 credit/quarter
Woman Donating Blood

Blood Donation to Ackerman

Any weekday during Week 2 or Week 7

Donate blood to the Ackerman Blood & Platelet Center! 

You can do this ONCE per quarter. In-person, minimal contact.


Sign up for any day 10/3-10/7 or 11/7-11/11 using their appointment system: Blood Donation and mention PDSOP.

To receive credit, you must: 

  • Send name, UID, and confirmation proof to our email! 

    • Confirmation proof is a picture of a paper they give you after your blood draw​

2 credits

Limit 2 credit/quarter
Food Vehicle

Meals on Wheels

All Quarter Long

Deliver meals to elderly who are in need. Must be on a weekday! Arrive by 10:15 am. The organization is willing to drop you off wherever you need to be on campus around 12:30 pm. More information here!

Address: 343 S Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049


You must let us know via email at least 4 days in advance which day you will be volunteering.

To receive credit, you must: 

  • Email us your name, UID, and a picture of you at the event delivering food!

1 credits

Limit 2 credits/quarter
Food Box

LA Regional Food Bank

11/3/2022 from 1 - 3:30 pm

Food Bank is an in-person event where you can participate in distributing food to those in need with fellow Bruins, faculty, and alumni. More information here!

Sign up on the Google Form: Food Bank

Address: 1701 E. 41st Place, Los Angeles, CA 90058​

Signing up to be the drivers will give you an extra point! Please email us if you are willing to be a driver.

To receive credit, you must:

  • Email us your name, UID, and a screenshot of proof that you participated at the Food Bank.

  • Please attach a photo of you at the event with a thumbs up.

1 credit

Limit 1 credit/quarter