Please note that you must stay for the full duration of each social to receive credit!

Social points also count as raffle entries for $20 gift cards, discount codes for DAT Bootcamp/Crak the DAT/Kaplan/Princeton Review/Crush the DAT! For more information, contact the Social Coords.

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Game Night

Week 3

Take a moment to relax and enjoy a game night with PDSOP! There'll be opportunities to score points and even a wildcard credit.

1 credit

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PAT Game Night

Week 6

You will be assigned to a group (breakout rooms) to answer PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) questions (~5-6 questions). PAT is one of the sections in the DAT (Dental Admission Test), and we thought it would be cool to make this into a game! This will be done cooperatively with members of your group, so no worries if you never studied for the PAT.

1 credit

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DAT Science Kahoot

Week 8

The science section of the DAT covers biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. During this social, we will conduct a Kahoot! game where we will ask you different science questions in each of these categories. After, we will go over the answer and explanations. Do not worry if you are unable to solve some of the answers, we will explain these questions at the end!

1 credit

Zooming on Tablet

PAT Booster Social

Week 4

Join us as PAT Booster comes to show strategies for successfully tackling the PAT section of the DAT!

1 credit

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Week 7

More details to be posted soon :)

1 credit

The following are some socials we hosted prior to online instruction.

Dental Trivia Social 

Date/Time: Week 6, Tuesday, November 5th, right after our meeting (7pm).

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.


Play dental-related trivia with other PDSOP members!

Study Hall

Date/Time: Week 9, Tuesday, Nov. 26th, right after our meeting (7 pm)

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.