Please note that you must stay for the full duration of each social to receive credit! Automatically attending socials will get you 1 point and additional points may be granted if you win.

For a detailed document of social events, click here.  

*Social points also count as raffle entries for WaterPik, electronic toothbrushes, scrubs, gift cards, and phone case*

If you have any further questions, contact Joelle Lugtu/Jenin Alcaraz on GroupMe or email us! 

Image by Riho Kroll

Trivia Night

Week 3 (April 12, 2022)

We will be having a trivia night online! We will make high school level questions to answer in groups: Math, Biology, Chemistry, and English (No Physics). These are not DAT level questions and will be very doable for everyone to answer so studying is not required. So come ready for some fun and lots of participation for our first social! 

1 credit


Scavenger Hunt

Week 7 (May 10, 2022)

This social will involve a scavenger hunt all over campus where you will be placed in a group with others and provided a list of items to find. This can range from finding a tunnel entrance to finding Powell Cat! Get ready to explore the UCLA campus and make more pre-dental friends!

1 credit


Arts and Crafts Night

Week 4 (April 19, 2022)

The Week 4 social will allow members to use manual dexterity and some creativity! We will be providing material to decorate tiny flower pots such as paint and markers. Feel free to bring your own supplies to make your pot extra cute and gain an extra social point for the raffle. At the end of the social, you can bring home your flower pots to show off!

1 credit


Ice blocking Picnic

Week 9 (May 24, 2022)

Join us for iceblocking and a picnic on Tongva steps! We will be providing food such as pizza and sodas and will offer iceblocking so everyone can get the chance to experience rushing down the hill. Also an opportunity to socialize and meet more predental members!

1 credit

The following are some socials we hosted prior to online instruction.

Dental Trivia Social 

Date/Time: Week 6, Tuesday, November 5th, right after our meeting (7pm).

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.


Play dental-related trivia with other PDSOP members!

Study Hall

Date/Time: Week 9, Tuesday, Nov. 26th, right after our meeting (7 pm)

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.