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Please note that you must stay for the full duration of each social to receive credit! There will be 10 lucky winners (by the end of the year) who can get a prize including electronic toothbrushes (2), Water Pik (2), scrubs gift cards (3), and gift card (3). Automatically attending socials will get you 1 point and additional points may be granted if you win. These points will be thrown in a raffle, so the more points/the more events you attend the better chance you have at winning these amazing prizes!

For a detailed document of social events, click here.  

If you have any further questions, contact us on GroupMe or email

Sorry Board Game


Tuesday of Week 5; 7 pm

This social is similar to the actual game of Scattergories! Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry! It’s a team-based game where you can cooperate with other pre-dentals to answer a series of basic questions (no prior dental knowledge required although it helps). Super funny game that will get you to chuckle with your pearly whites. See you there!

1 credit

Image by Debby Hudson

Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

Tuesday of Week 6; 7pm 

Come ready to decorate some valentine themed arts and crafts to give to a special someone or keep for yourself this Valentine’s Day! This will not only serve as a great Valentine’s Day gift but will also test our manual dexterity skills!

1 credit

Bowl of Fruits

Tongva Picnic Potluck

Tuesday of Week 9; 6 pm

We want this social to be a relaxing time for any and all members to come, chill, and have fun to wrap up an amazing quarter! Please feel free to come and socialize with peers! Food and snacks will be provided as well as games!!

1 credit

Takeaway Fast Food


Tuesday of Week 4; 6 pm

Wanna support your favorite club while eating some bomb food before midterms? Come to our casual and fun social at in-n-out!

1 credit


UCLA Dental School Banana Suturing

Tuesday of Week 7; 6pm 

UCLA ASDA will be joining us to host a banana suturing lesson!! This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of dental suturing first hand from dental students! Come ready to learn how to suture and talk to amazing UCLA dental students. More details to be provided soon.

(Please note limited seats available)

1 credit

The following are some socials we hosted prior to online instruction.

Dental Trivia Social 

Date/Time: Week 6, Tuesday, November 5th, right after our meeting (7pm).

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.


Play dental-related trivia with other PDSOP members!

Study Hall

Date/Time: Week 9, Tuesday, Nov. 26th, right after our meeting (7 pm)

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.


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