Please note that you must stay for the full duration of each social to receive credit! Automatically attending socials will get you 1 point and additional points may be granted if you win.

For a detailed document of social events, click here.  

*Social points also count as raffle entries for DAT Bootcamp, DAT Booster, electronic toothbrushes, scrubs, Apple Watch Series 3, and Airpods*

If you have any further questions, contact Joelle Lugtu/Jenin Alcaraz on GroupMe or email us! 

Image by Riho Kroll

Game Night

Week 3 (October 12, 2021)

Take a moment to relax and enjoy a game night with PDSOP! There'll be opportunities to score points and even a wildcard credit.

1 credit

Image by Fleur

PAT Game Night

Week 6 (November 2, 2021)

Join us for a PAT game night!

You will be assigned to a group (breakout rooms) to answer PAT (Perceptual Ability Test) questions (~5-6 questions). PAT is one of the sections in the DAT (Dental Admission Test), and we thought it would be cool to make this into a game! This will be done cooperatively with members of your group, so no worries if you never studied for the PAT :)

1 credit


Study Buddy Social

Week 8 (November 20, 2021)

Finals will be just around the corner, so we will have a chill social to get to know your study buddy more. For those of you who have a study buddy, we will walk together and get a bite to eat in Westwood! People without a study buddy are also welcome to join!

1 credit


Soap Carving Night

Week 4 (October 19, 2021)

Join us for a fun soap carving night led by a UCLA Dental students! Members will learn how to practice their manual dexterity skills using soap and carving tools to create a replica of the mouth. Members will need to bring a soap bar and any carving tools to participate in this event

*Sign-ups may be required. Stay tuned for updates*

1 credit


Indirect Vision

Week 7 (November 9, 2021)

Using this game Indirect Vision, members will practice their indirect vision skills commonly used in the dental setting. By blocking direct vision using something like a book, students will use a handheld mirror to complete a connect the dots drawings. For this, students will need something that’s high enough to block their vision, a handheld mirror, and connect the dots drawing which will be provided to you!

*Sign-ups may be required. Stay tuned for updates*

1 credit

The following are some socials we hosted prior to online instruction.

Dental Trivia Social 

Date/Time: Week 6, Tuesday, November 5th, right after our meeting (7pm).

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.


Play dental-related trivia with other PDSOP members!

Study Hall

Date/Time: Week 9, Tuesday, Nov. 26th, right after our meeting (7 pm)

Location: PDSOP meeting room, CHS 13041.